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Essentials index


Reflections on GAFCON - Glenn Davies Winter 2008


Global Anglicanism - Where to from here? Winter 2008


Editorial Winter 2008


Jerusalem Declaration Winter 2008


Finding the central ministry purpose of a book of the Bible Pt 2 - 2 Corinthians Winter 2008


Stephen Hale's Kimberley Diary Winter 2008


The EFAC Commitment Winter 2008


Rethinking the Sermon on the Mount Winter 2008


Book Review: Why men hate going to Church Autumn 2008


Book Review: The Word of His Grace Autumn 2008


Book Review: Integrity: Leading with God Watching Autumn 2008


2008 Preaching Survey of the Year's Best Books Autumn 2008


Being a transformational leader Autumn 2008


Mission and Church in the 21st Century Autumn 2008


A Sermon - Forgive us our sins Autumn 2008


Finding the central ministry purpose of a book of the Bible Autumn 2008


Ethics and Evangelism Autumn 2008


EFAC (NSW) at the CMS Summer School Autumn 2008


Bishopdale College Summer 2008


Book Review: Al Stewart's MEN Summer 2008


'Conservative Evangelicalism - a contradiction in terms' Summer 2008


Preaching Power Summer 2008


Book Review - No More Boring Sermons Summer 2008


Preaching Micah Today Summer 2008


The Messiah and Malachi 3:1 Summer 2008


God's Mission our Mission Summer 2008


Responding to nooma Spring 2007


Practical Pointers towards Persevering as a Preacher Spring 2007


Rethinking the trajectory of Gen 3:15 Spring 2007


Churches - Large or Small? Spring 2007


Conference review: A Christian Approach to Transforming Society Spring 2007


Book Review: Richard Bauckham, Jesus and the Eyewitnesses Spring 2007


Sustainable Development Spring 2007


Christmas at Trinity Spring 2007


Preaching From Acts Autumn 2007


Paul's Perspectives on The Righteousness of God Autumn 2007


Preaching on Promoting the Gospel Autumn 2007


Introducing the EFAC VIC Training Officer Autumn 2007


Godly Integrity + Godly Relationships = Goldy Influence Autumn 2007


Book Review: Turning Around the Mainline Autumn 2007


Tim Keller and Redeemer Presbyterian Autumn 2007


Changing Parish Cultures Summer 2007


Supporting Isolated Evangelicals Summer 2007


A Passion for Ministry Summer 2007


Mission at our Doorstep Summer 2007


Episcopal Leadership Today Summer 2007


Employing an Evangelist Summer 2007


2006 National conference reflection Summer 2007


National Conference 2006 Spring 2006


Person to Person about Christ Spring 2006


Hitchhikers Guide to the Bible Spring 2006


The New Perspective Spring 2006


The TOTC Series Spring 2006


Emotions: An Evangelical black hole Autumn 2006


Missionaries with 20/20 Vision Autumn 2006


The Mathew Hale Library, Brisbane Autumn 2006


Christian Ministry and the Heart Autumn 2006


Teach, Teach, Teach Autumn 2006


General Synod 2004 Spring/Summer 2004/5


An Open Door Spring/Summer 2004/5


Have you not read Spring/Summer 2004/5


Postmodern Paradigm Church Spring/Summer 2004/5


Congregations on Target Spring/Summer 2004/5


Not a Synod but a Salon Winter 2004


Recreating Australia Winter 2004


Review: Going the Distance Winter 2004


Clarity and Charity Winter 2004


Challenge of the Pre-Senior male Autumn 2004


Wisdom from the Chair Autumn 2004


Lessons from the Decline of Anglo-Catholicism in Australia Autumn 2004


Book Review - The Shaping of Things to Come Autumn 2004


John Selby Spong's Personal Dilemma Spring-Summer 2003/2004


Between Friends A Review of Faithfulness in Fellowship Spring-Summer 2003/2004


A Grief Observed Spring-Summer 2003/2004


Reaching Out at Christmas Spring-Summer 2003/2004


Finding Ministry resources on the Internet Pt 2 Spring-Summer 2003/2004


NEAC 04 Spring-Summer 2003/2004


Surviving the Church Spring-Summer 2003/2004


In the Ruins of the Church Spring-Summer 2003/2004


Preaching and Teaching from Job. Sept 2003


The Younger Evangelicals- Book review. Sept 2003


Finding Ministry resources on the Internet Pt 1 Sept 2003


Why I am so Over Postmodernism? Sept 2003


What is Working Overseas? May 2003


Who will hear the Call May 2003


Why I Walked May 2003


Taking responsibility for self leadership May 2003


Cross-shaped leadership December 2002


The Future of Anglicanism December 2002


NAC Reflections September 2002


Growing Evangelists September 2002


Wycliffe Hall Conference September 2002


Preaching to Postmoderns September 2002


Worship September 2002


Dealing with demons June 2002


Money, Giving and Generosity June 2002


Argentina comes to Melbourne March 2002


How I listen to sermons March 2002


What's God doing behind the Supermarket March 2002


Evangelism through the Kaleidoscope of Human Creativity December 2001


Nigeria - a reflection December 2001


The future of denominations in a post denominational era December 2001


Pray - Jesus Did - A Sermon September 2001


Evangelism and Biblical Integrity September 2001


Change & the Church - Book review June 2001


Mobilising for Mission June 2001


Evangelism and God's Sovereignty June 2001


Teaching Song of Songs March 2001


What will we do next year? March 2001


Pragmatism and Theology of evangelism March 2001


What did the wise men see? December 2000


The Gospel and the Games December 2000


Going Fishing at Christmas December 2000


Jesus the saviour - a sermonSeptember 2000


Folk Islam - Book reviews September 2000


Planting to Fail September 2000


Waiting September 2000


Mediocrity in Mentoring - book review July 2000


In Search of Success Winter 2000


Book review - Discussing Money March 2000


The Jesus Seminar - A Critique of the "Forgotten Jesus" March 1999


Godly Self-Management March 1997


Competent, Convinced and Complete in the Gospel August 1997


A Vision for the Anglican Church Winter 1996


Hands up if you're an Evangelical Autumn 1996


Preparing a Parish Profile Spring 1993


What to Look for in a minister Winter 1993


Crossways and Biblical Literacy Autumn 1993


Sexuality and its Expression Graham Cole July 1993




Essentials is a periodical publication of EFAC Australia, which seeks to promote the aims of EFAC. The articles here are reprinted from past editions.